Brian Geraghty, Alice Eve and Josh Peck must face off against a mad man while trapped in an ATM booth in ATM, the latest midnight movie from IFC. The trailer sets up the premise: three co-workers, with one having a crush on the other, stop for some cash before a late night snack, and end up held hostage by a snow-coated man. Check out the trailer…

IFC generally has good taste for smaller films, though this looks familiar, from Phone Booth to Frozen to Buried, the concept of people in limited spaces spending the entire movie dealing with a main problem (and perhaps going through some emotional trauma or release) is a sub-genre to itself. As such, the main rule of thumb is: don’t waste too much time.

The cast is recognizable, though I didn’t know Geraghty as the third lead in The Hurt Locker until I looked up his resume. Alice Eve has had some turns as the hot love interest, but hasn’t found a great role yet, while Josh Peck is probably most recognizable as someone who escaped the Nickelodeon factory (and a chubby childhood) as the co-star of Drake and Josh. Peck, to his credit, has become a good actor and done some interesting work since leaving that world (like The Wackness). There’s no release date on this one yet.

What mundane location will be the next horror set?