Jeez, were names like Dr. Drew or maybe one of those Teen Mom or Jersey Shore monstrosities just too difficult to find?

Maybe that sounds harsh, but when looking at the list of “celebrity” names that have come together to form the new cast for Celebrity Apprentice, you’ve got to wonder how many C-level celebs are left in the world when Arsenio Hall is your star and the year isn’t 1991.

Once again led by Donald Trump, this year’s Celebrity Apprentice gang will feature Arsenio Hall, Clay Aiken, Tia Carrere, Debbie Gibson, Adam Corrola, Dee Snider, Lou Ferrigno, Penn Jillette and George Takei among others, all competing for $250,000 to the charity of their choice as well as the last remaining shards of dignity which (surprise!) probably won’t be left for anyone.

That said, I suppose we should all just breathe a sigh of relief that Snooki was not allowed to participate in this sad collision of low-level celebrity whoring, because the thought of the Donald somehow sharing television and ego space with The Beast They Call Snooki is almost too much to handle, and certainly more than enough to implode the heads of viewers throughout the country.

What do you think of the Celebrity Apprentice lineup?

Source:  Hollywood Reporter