Kevin Smith has promised or threatened that Hit Somebody would be his last film. He’s shared pages of the script with readers, but (in accordance with his latest activities) he’s revealed on Twitter some of the latest developments. Once planned to be a two-film project, Smith has reduced his scale and brought it back to one long movie, and says shooting should start this summer with a 2013 Sundance launch.

Sundance has been a special place for Smith, as it’s where his career began with Clerks, but also where he generated a firestorm of publicity when – instead of auctioning off his picture Red State to the highest bidder – he decided to self-distribute and go on a months-long speaking and showing engagement with the film. After the engagement, the film was released on home video and is currently on Netflix Instant.

With Red State Smith proved he has enough of a fan base to turn a profit outside of the system, even if much of his recent publicity has skewed negative. As Hit Somebody is planned to be his last film, that embrace of finality (if he really does quit, you never know) could spark Smith in an interesting enough creative direction to win over some of his detractors.  That said, few figures in modern cinema are as polarizing.

Do you think Smith is really going to retire?