The new year brings the return of Portlandia, the Portland, Oregon-based comedy show starring Saturday Night Live‘s Fred Armisen and Sleater-Kinney’s guitarist Carrie Brownstein. The premiere of the second season is on January 8, but until then there’s some clips and previews for the new season. The first season ran six episodes, and has been picked up for ten more on IFC, and the first season is now available on Netflix instant.

The first season plays loose with its main characters, and has brought in ringer performers like Kyle MacLachlan, Gus Van Sant, and Aimee Mann, and comedians like Jason Sudekis and Aubrey Plaza. The show began as a series of sketches that Armisen and Brownstein did together to reflect the interesting world of Portland, Oregon. Check out these clips:

As someone who grew up in the town, it’s hard not to say that this reflects a certain reality of the town. Patton Oswalt had a routine about how Portland and Austin are these weird villages to which have somehow kept a bubble around themselves to which you either have to leave the town early or live there forever. Brownstein was a long time Portland resident, so the show certainly reflects that perspective. And between this show and Grimm, the town has a booming television production presence. Two is a lot versus none.

Are you a big Sleater-Kinney fan?