When 2009′s Wolverine was about to hit theaters, a workprint hit the internet. Though the effects were incomplete it became a news story, and it was the biggest film to hit the pirate circuit pre-release. Piracy is still a huge problem for the industry, and those involved speculated that the leak cost the film untold millions of dollars. Now the person who leaked the film has been sentenced to a year term in federal prison, according to Deadline.

The standard pirator is usually considered college-aged and immoral, so it’s worth nothing that the guilty party, Gilberto Sanchez, is 49. Even with the two years since the film’s release, there’s no getting around the idea that this person doesn’t fit the usual descriptions. But that also points out that piracy is not just a young man’s game.

Part of the recent move of big films to 3-D and Imax has to do with inflated ticket prices, but also it’s to combat piracy issues like this. There hasn’t been as high profile a leak since Wolverine, but with trailer companies and interviewers sent copies of films – not to mention screener season, where films that haven’t hit theaters are available for academy members – it’s a constant threat that suggests that this won’t be the last time.

Did you take a peak at the leaked copy of Wolverine?