What happens when a film makes money but nobody likes it? You get a sequel anyway. Sam Worthington, star of Avatar - and still a charisma question mark – returns as Perseus to fight more monsters and romance Rosamund Pike, while scores of great English actors (Ralph Fiennes, Bill Nighy, Lian Neesson) play other gods. It couldn’t be as sloppily post converted as the last one, right? We’ll know for sure March 30, 2012, when the film opens. Until then, check out the trailer…

Besides the bad music choice (is this a gothic fantasy or a kick out the jams action spectacle?) It’s hard to say if this is an improvement over the first film, which borrowed some of the plot points from the 1981 film, but mostly just the villains and set up. There will be no unleashing of the Kraken in this film. For better or ill.

Basically, it’s all about how director Jonathan Liebesman (who recently helmed the well panned Battle Los Angeles) works with the effects and stages the action. This looks to be CGI-heavy spectacle, but there might be something fun to all this if it’s done with the right humor and the stunts and action are good. And it’s not as if the first film could have set the bar any lower, so there’s that.

Would you rather watch this or The Immortals?