Well, this is probably not going to go over well—it seems that Christian Bale (who doesn’t exactly seem like the kind of guy you want to push around—was “roughed up by Chinese government-backed guards” while the actor was on a visit to Beijing.  Apparently the guards have yet to see American Psycho.

Bale was in Beijing to visit “personal hero” Chen Guangcheng, the blind attorney who represented “thousands of women who had been the victims of insane family planning measures, including forced sterilizations and abortions.”  Guangcheng has been sentenced to 4.5 years of prison for his actions.

Bale’s attempt to visit the lawyer has gone about as well as everyone else that’s made the journey—that is, totally unsuccessful.

“I am here to see Chen Guangcheng,” the “Dark Knight” actor said and I translated, with correspondent Stan Grant and cameraman Brad Olson next to us.

“Go away!” the plainclothes guards barked, pushing us back.

Amid the scuffling and yelling, dozens more guards in olive-green, military-style overcoats — and two gray minivans — emerged from the other side of the checkpoint, all coming toward us.

“Why can I not visit this free man?” Bale asked repeatedly, only to receive punches from guards aiming for his small camera as they tried to drag him away from the rest of us.

As Bale and his entourage attempted to leave, the government officials chased them for a further 40 minutes.  Which is probably not the smartest play when dealing with Batman, but maybe they’re still upset about that pesky extradition business from The Dark Knight.

What do you think of the incident?

Source: The AV Club