Three of the big films of 2012 are going to reinterpretations of fairy tales, but the one with the best credentials is Jack the Giant Killer. It comes from director Bryan Singer and the script was (at least partly) written by Christopher McQuarrie – and these guys were the team behind The Usual Suspects. The film stars Nicholas Hoult – last seen in X-Men: First Class - as Jack, and the trailer feels like it should have laughs. Check it out…

Seriously, I don’t get this film from the trailer. Maybe because everything about it – the magical beans, the giants, etc. – feels like it’s a big joke. And though Bryan Singer may still (on some level) be licking his wounds from his Superman fiasco, he came back with Valkyrie and he’s one of the better modern directors.

This could be one of the summer’s big movies, which – currently – looks like one of the weirdest and wildest summer slates outsides of the next Batman movie. This film could have cost over $200 illion, and looking at it, I’m curious if it plays like a real movie – that is not an extension of the Shrek universe. We’ll know for sure by June 15, 2012, but until then it’s hard to imagine this is their best foot forward… unless it is.

Does this excite you in any way?