Brace yourselves, folks—you are about to witness the most testosterone-heavy 60 second clip you have ever, or likely will ever, witness.  Seriously, this thing is the visual equivalent of eating a pound of raw meat, going to the gym for an hour, and then challenging a stranger to a bloody streetfight.  Also, like those things, it’s kind of really dumb (but in a fun way).  What am I referring to, you ask?  The Expendables 2 trailer.

Honestly, you have to peep this clip to believe it, with its near-comic avalanche of clips featuring cinema’s most muscle-bound and steroid-pumped action heroes, with many returning from the last film, along with a few new faces, including the bearded visage of Chuck Norris (!), along with Jean-Claude van Damme as the film’s villain.

So what did you think?  Ridiculous, no?  Honestly, the trailer feels like it’s bordering on some kind of online fanfic by combining all of these new and old action stars into one film together, but, that said, it may end up being strangely hypnotizing and watchable, like the previous film, which was simply too silly not to enjoy.

The Expendables 2 will hit theaters in 2012.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source:  Metro UK