Baba Booey. Howard Stern has always had a contentious relationship with the mainstream. Considered a shock-jock, his show has faced numerous FCC fines over the years until he finally moved to Sirius XM Radio. He did have a successful film in Private Parts, and wrote two best sellers, but Stern has always portrayed himself feeling like an outsider – even as the most powerful non-political figure in radio. But now he’s signed on as a judge for America’s Got Talent.

Howard will start shooting in February, though it looks as though this will have no effect on his radio show beyond a possible week off. And it looks like the live episodes will be shot in New York to accommodate Stern.He replaces Piers Morgan.

Though Stern is no longer on FM or AM stations, his fanbase is dedicated, if perhaps a little dwindled. But hiring Stern is such a great idea for one of these things as he’s expected to be a bit of a jerk, a straight shooter and nothing if not fascinating. His audience will want to see him because they’ll watch anything he does, while seeing him in this context is enough to make someone who wouldn’t normally watch a reality show give it a peek. This is a coup.

What’s your favorite Stern moment?