Another year, another Sacha Baron Cohen comedy.  After bringing the world such characters as Ali G, Borat, and Brüno, Cohen has returned with a new film,  Unlike his previous two, The Dictator does not play as a pseudo comedy; rather, the film seems to be playing it fairly straight (or, as straight as it can be with a madman like Cohen at the helm).  That said, despite a few good gags, the trailer seems to fall a little flat, and is more reminiscent of a late period Mike Myers flop like The Love Guru rather than a modern comedy classic like Bruno.  After the jump, you can decide.

Take a look at the two minute trailer below, maybe you’ll find it a little funnier than we did:

As you can see, the trailer seems like one clever joke stretched out far too broadly to retain any real level of edge or comedy.  While a few good lines are apparent (“America—the birthplace of AIDS!”), Cohen’s film about a foreign dictator coming to America seems surprisingly bland from a comedian as risk-taking and edgy as Cohen.  Oh well—maybe it’s just a case in which the darkest, most edgy material was simply too risqué for the trailer and had to be saved for the film.  Let’s hope so.

What did you think of the trailer?

Source: /Film