The hit musical Rock of Ages took many of the kitschy but lovably sincere rock anthems of the 1980′s and Broadway-ized them. So who better to head up the film adaptation than Adam Shankman, who gave Hairspray a similar stage-to-screen treatment? The film – which stars Julianne Hough, Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Paul Giamatti, Russell Brand and Malin Ackerman – hits theaters June 1, 2012, but now there’s a trailer. Check it out.

The premise is in the trailer: there are young kids who want to be stars, and a Tipper Gore-esque politican who thinks that this new-fangled rock and roll leads to sex, which then ties it into Hairspray while still hitting that 80′s nostalgia button. Then there’s Tom Cruise with his long hair, and making jokes about being a rock and roller. Anyway, check it out:

This script was worked over by Oscar winner Michael (Little Miss Sunshine) Arndt  and Justin Theroux, so this is definitely an A-list wanna-be blockbuster, but it’s currency will probably be strongest with people who love the modern musical, and those who didn’t live through the era. Perhaps it’s time for those from the 1980′s to experience their own version of Grease, where the things that seemed real become cartoon versions of history. Alas, what kills my interest is the cutesy versions of those songs. But it could be fun.

What’s your favorite modern musical?