Christmas is upon us, a time to be jolly and holly… or a time to be completely stressed out about finding the perfect gift. Well, if you’ve got a film lover on your Holiday list, then you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a carefully selected list of gift choices for all kinds of cinefiles. Maybe you’ve got a close relative who is nuts about Stanley Kubrick; or a teenage daughter who can’t stop talking about the Twilight movies (we try not to judge). We’ve got you covered. And with enough time still left and online ordering, you won’t even have to stand in those long, annoying lines!

NOTE ON PRICES: we’ve gone and found some of the best prices we could on Amazon, but, of course, if you find better prices leave us a comment and let us know where! 

10. For The Classical Hollywood Fan

Alfred Hitchcock is one of film history’s most recognizable directors (and faces). He’s an auteur. A genius. Any fan of Classical Hollywood Cinema would be lucky to find this collection under their Christmas tree. Some of the films included in the box set are Vertigo, Rope and Psycho, all of which have been digitally re-mastered. There’s a total of 14 films, plus documentaries, commentaries and other bonus material. This box set will definitely satisfy any fan of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

BUY NOW: $57.99

9. For Those Under The Ryan Gosling Spell

No one can resist Ryan Gosling‘s charm. This has been his year. He went from being “the guy from The Notebook” to an ultimate badass in an awesome Scorpion jacket in Drive. So, this Christmas give your Ryan Gosling-infatuated friend (guys aren’t exempt from this, trust me) a boost of confidence and buy them the Scorpion Jacket from Drive, and then have them drive your around town (don’t rob anyone though). It’s a win, win for everyone.

PRE-ORDER NOW: $159.99

8. For The Fashionista

Edith Head: The Fifty-Year Career of Hollywood’s Greatest Costume Designer is a must-have book for both fashion and film lovers. Ms. Head holds the record, above any woman, for winning the most Academy Awards (mind you, they were for Costume Design, but still). This woman is the greatest costume designer in film history, and this book tells her story through a collection of never-before-seen sketches, behind-the-scenes photos and more. This is also a great gift for any aspiring costume designer who’s looking for some inspiration.

BUY NOW: $47.25

7. For The Auteur Theorist

This is an awesome gift for those who love to brag about film directors and their unique styles. It’s a magnet set, and you get to pick from a number of auteurs including Stanley Kubrick, Spike Jonze, Wes Anderson, Roman Polanski, Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola, The Coen Brothers and many more. This is a cool way for your film fanatic to show off his or hers favorite directors, and you get a set of 8 for less than $25.

BUY NOW: $24

6. For The Moviegoer

Sometimes the best gift for a film lover is just movies. Nowadays going to the movie theater is pricey ($8-$18) and those trips add up to a lot of dough. Sure, gift cards and certificates feel a bit impersonal, but your cinefile will appreciate it. These kids love watching movies on the big screen. That’s a fact.

Find your film lover’s movie theater of choice and purchase a gift certificate, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

5. For the Teenage Girl Who is Obsessed With Twilight

And for that teenage girl who can’t stop obsessing over the Twilight wedding, how about something out of Bella’s very own jewelry box? Owning things seen in the movies is always neat, especially for those devoted Twilight followers. Just don’t propose to your loved one with this replica of Bella’s Engagement ring, it isn’t actually the real thing.

BUY NOW: $69.98

4. For The Cult Film Fan, or The Hipster

This is the perfect gift for your hipster friend who prides him or herself in having what no one else will. Take your pick from a series of unique cult movie posters made by Toronto-based designer Ibraheem Youssef. He has a good assortment of posters from movies like Reservoir Dogs, The Big Lebowski, and Bottle Rocket.

BUY NOW: Price depends on the size of the print

3. For The Comic Book Fan

2011 has given us plenty of comic book movies, including some not-so-great adaptations like The Green Hornet, The Green Lantern and Cowboys and Aliens. But among the ruins, there have been a few that have stood out, like X-Men: First Class. Get your Comic Book Fan one of the good ones this Holiday season.

BUY NOW: Blu-Ray: $19.99
BUY NOW: DVD: $17.99

2. For Those Who Like To Brag About Reading The Books First

The Hunger Games is one of the most anticipated movies of the 2012. This is no Transformers. Your film lover will definitely be excited about this movie; The Hunger Games has an awesome cast that includes the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson and Stanley Tucci. So, if your film lover is the type who loves to read the books before he heads over to the movie theater on opening night, get him The Hunger Games trilogy – that’s if he or she hasn’t read the books already.

BUY NOW: $31.57

1. For The Stanley Kubrick Nut

Napoleon was one of many unrealized projects by the genius director Stanley Kubrick. Any fan of his knows that this project was very dear to him, and that he considered this to be the best movie he would ever make. Kubrick did the research and even wrote a screenplay, but Napoleon never saw the light of day. Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon: The Greatest Movie Never Made includes all of the details your devoted fan wants to know about the unfilmed masterpiece that would have been. This gift will fascinate your Kubrick nut, no doubt.

BUY NOW: $44.09

It’s not easy to buy the perfect gift, but we really hope that this list helped you out. We’re off to do our own holiday shopping now. Happy Holidays!

What did we miss that you love? What other gifts have you found that movie-lovers might want?