For years, there has been a rift in the science fiction and fantasy community. There are some who love Star Trek, and there are those who love Star Wars, and for many it’s a one or the other sort of deal. Unfortunately, this divide has been escalated recently when William Shatner took some shots at the George Lucas-owned franchise, and Carrie Fisher responded in kind.  But now George Takei made a video to broker the peace by offering a new target: Twilight.

Will this satisfy fans? Hard to say. Though Twilight is imminently hateable by people who like the idea that Star Trek is filled with ideas, and those who prefer escapist fantasies that are more about Joseph Campbell than vampire marriage, the conflict between Trekkers and Star Wars fans has more to do with them being similar. Here’s George:

Can these two worlds ever find peace enough to hate Teams Edward and Jacob? Doubtful. But it’s good to see Takei act as an ambassador for the goodwill and forward thinking that comes through in the Trek universe. But it is likely that the crossover audiences between all three fanbases is minimal at best. Perhaps they could all go to a mixer and find that hard core fandom is very similar no matter what team you’re on.

What’s the worst Science Fiction or Fantasy franchise?