How do you make a sequel to a modestly received blockbuster like the first G.I. Joe? One: you hired Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bruce Willis for your action star bonafides. Two: You open your trailer and film by slaughtering the majority of the cast from the previous film. That’s Channing Tatum in the first few moments, and then he seems to leave the film (whether temporarily or permanently it’s hard to say). Check out the trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation

The films director is Jon M. Chu, who will be known to any fans of modern musicals, as he’s helmed the last two Step Up movies as well as the Justin Bieber documentary. This was his chance to break out of the musical ghetto, and it looks like he embraced the challenge.

The first film got mostly mixed reactions, with critics and audiences divided on whether it was stupid or stupid fun. It also did just okay at the box office. Going by the two to one theory of success, the film would have lost money if films like this aren’t also about the merchandise sales and perhaps that’s why we’re getting this one as well. It is an entertaining trailer, so it may wash the stigma of “giant toy advert” off it. Then again, maybe not.

How you doing, Bruce Willis?