It’s a big day for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo news. Today the embargo broke, and non-David Denby types can review the picture willy-nilly. We’ll have our review closer to release, but along with that, Sony has announced that David Fincher‘s latest opus will be hitting screens Tuesday, December 20 at 7 pm, instead of its scheduled December 21 opening.

With a number of festivals and screenings already, the film has had a chance to make an impact on top ten lists and Critics votes, but has yet to make much of an impression as a “Best” film. Early word is that the film is either good but minor Fincher, or that it’s one of his weaker (or weakest) efforts. Panic Room is often mentioned.

The positive that’s come out is that Rooney Mara  – who had the great opening scene in The Social Network – is supposedly excellent as Lisbeth Salander, and the role could be star-making. Word is that Daniel Craig makes less of an impression. As the film seems to be out of serious Oscar contention at this point, the question is if it’s the next The Da Vinci Code style pop hit, and if it can weather the onslaught of last minute 2011 films. Stieg Larsson’s books have remained popular, so there’s a good chance this R-rated film will be the adult film to see over the next month. Sony doesn’t seem to be taking any chances.

Have you read the Larsson books?