This week featured news about crying kids, ridiculous feuds, and yes, more Lindsay Lohan. In the list of news bits we’ve compiled for you, you’ll find details on Lohan’s much anticipated Playboy issue, due out January/February. Also, more details on the feud between Daniel Craig and the Kardashians, which unfortunately is still going strong. And for all of you Harry Potter fans (well, if you’re a fan you probably already know this piece of information but just in case you missed it) find out what new magical development is happening really soon.

Catch up below…

  • Final Destination Makes Kids Cry: British children have cried, and their cries have been heard. Five months after the release of Final Destination 5, the British government has banned a poster campaign saying it caused “fear and undue distress to children.” The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the U.K. received a number of complaints from parents saying that the poster (of a skull with nails stabbed through the eyes and mouth) was bringing their children to tears.
  • X Factor Judge Makes Kid Contestant Cry: All-around awful person Nicole Scherzinger made 13-year-old Rachel Crow, a former contestant on “X-Factor,” cry. During last night’s judging, Scherzinger had to choose between Crow and another contestant to let go, and she chose Crow. That put Crow on the hot seat for elimination, and America chose to boot her off the show. The teenager broke into tears, and even Simon Cowell rushed to the stage to console Crow. But there are no hard feelings from Crow to Scherzinger.  Crow told People that she isn’t mad at the judge for her decision.
  • New Gig For Radiohead’s Lead Guitarist: The amazing Jonny Greenwood will be scoring Paul Thomas Anderson’s next movie, The Master. This isn’t the first time Greenwood has collaborated with the auteur. In 2007, the talented musician scored Anderson‘s gritty and critically acclaimed film There Will Be Blood; and Greenwood has scored a couple of films since then (Norwegian Wood and We Need to Talk About Kevin). This is truly something to look forward to.
  • Daniel Craig vs Kardashians: It was very bold of Daniel Craig to call the Kardashian family a bunch of “fucking idiots” during an interview with a popular magazine, but did he think he was going to get away with that comment without a fight? Unfortunately, not even James Bond can escape the Kardashian clan. TV reality-star Kris Jenner is asking for an apology from the well-respected actor. In an interview with Heat magazine, Jenner said that Craig crossed the line, and that the right thing for him to do would be to issue a public apology. She added, “The easy thing would be to criticize his career now, but our family won’t stoop to that level.” Oh brother. Jenner has to be careful with the way she phrases things (Stoop? Really?). As for Mr. Craig, he has much more important things to worry about, like the release of his amazing-looking film The Girl in the Dragon Tattoo.
  • Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover: This is something we’ve secretly been waiting for – the Lindsay Lohan Playboy issue. Well, folks, the magazine’s cover has been leaked, and it features the troubled actress straddling a red Playboy bunny-shaped chair. Yes, La Lohan is naked, but the chair conveniently covers it all. Check out the cover below.
  • American Reunion’s Nostalgic Poster: The newly released poster for American Reunion (out April 2012) recreates the original 1999 American Pie movie poster. There are a few differences – no flute, more clothes, less pie – but the whole cast is there, looking noticeably older, but just as happy. Check it out below. 
  • Creator of the Movie Trailer Has Passed Away: In other news this week, sadly, Joseph Farrell, the creator of the movie trailer, has passed away. He was 76. This is someone who actually changed the game in Hollywood. The release of a movie trailer is an event, something people anticipate, and it’s all thanks to this one man.
  • Harry Potter is Coming to Hollywood: On a lighter note, there’s some exciting news for all of you Harry Potter fans based in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas– Harry Potter is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood. I was fortunate enough to visit the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Orlando when it opened last year, and now it’s been decided that there will be a Wizarding World, complete with a Hogwarts castle and roller coasters, in the West Coast park. Oh, happy day!


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