Nicholas Stoller and Jason Segel are quite the comic duo – at this point they’re making a movie a year together, and are just coming off The Muppets. Their latest is The Five-Year Engagement, and it’s due out April 27, 2012. It’s even more of a reunion as the duo have also made two of their other recent films with Emily Blunt. She shows up in The Muppets, and also appeared with Segel in Gulliver’s Travels. Check out the trailer…

The film also features Community‘s Alison Brie, Parks and Recreation‘s Chris Pratt, The Office‘s Mindy Kahling, and Chris Parnell (Dr. Spaceman from 30 Rock) so basically NBC’s Thursday night line up is repped. Also featured are Rhys Ifans, Brian Posehn, Kevin Hart and David Paymer.

This looks reasonably funny, though much of it may play better in context. The most concerning thing about the movie is the release date: it comes out a week before The Avengers, and often the air gets sucked out of older pictures when blockbuster season hits. Then again last year we saw Fast Five kick off the summer with that date, and Bridesmaids was a May release that is still one of the highest grossing films of the year.

Were you a fan of Forgetting Sarah Marshall?