ANTM’s” Cycle 17 was the first to bring back former “ANTM” competitors and give them a second shot at winning what they didn’t the first time around. Tyra called this the All-Star edition, and really focused on branding each model. Throughout the competition the models got to work with huge celebrities like Ashley Simpson, Kim Kardashian, and La Toya Jackson. Last night was the “ANTM” finale, and we finally got to know the winner. As is the case with the final episodes, the models got to shoot their cover girl campaign, as well as the Vogue Italia campaign. There were no guest judges during the finale, instead a much more familiar face joined the panel. Find out who won “ANTM’s” All-Star Cycle after the jump!

The Players:

  • Judges: Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, Andre Leon Talley, Mr. Jay
  • Cast: Lisa D’Amato (Cycle 5), Allison Harvard (Cycle 12), and Angelea Preston (Cycle 14).

Episode Title: “All-Star Finale”

The 17th season concludes with the all-star winner being selected after the finalists take part in a runway challenge that includes flying and modeling underwater. Also, a shocking announcement is made during the final judging.

The Good:

  • Sensitive Eyes: Allison has some of the most beautiful eyes “ANTM” has seen (big, round and a cool blue), but she’s cursed. The girl can’t open her eyes in the sun, and this is holding her back. It’s awful (yet amazing) to see a person with such an unreliable asset.
  • Michael Cinco Dresses: A few episodes ago, the models got to work with designer Michael Chico. He would be designing the model’s dresses for the final runway challenge. Last night, we got to see the final product and there’s no denying that the man knows what he’s doing. He gave Lisa, sparkle; Allison, lace; and Angelea this cool Lady Gaga-esque dress.

The So-So:

  • Catwalk: Are fashion shows suppose to be this crazy? Tyra knows know boundaries when it comes to setting up a catwalk. This time, the models had to go through water and air to strut down the catwalk. First, each model had to swim her way across the catwalk, then fly a few feet off the ground, and finally strut down the windy catwalk.
    It was a model’s worst nightmare, that catwalk, but these girls are All-Stars and they were able to power through.

The Bad:

  • What happened to Angelea Preston? Right before judging, Tyra made a starling announcement. Apparently, Angelea Preston (one of the three finalists) got disqualified from the competition, and she didn’t tell us why. The big question is, would the winner of Cycle 17 still be the winner if Angelea hadn’t been disqualified? Also, why not just tell us? What did the producers of the show find out that’s so private they can’t share it with us?


  • Lisa: Yup, Lisa won. The girl has soared over tough obstacles in her personal life and she has that star quality that should have made her win the first time she was on “Top Model.” Now, Lisa gets to enjoy a contract with Cover Girl, a cover in Vogue Italia, a job at Extra, and her name will be added to the list of “winners” on the “ANTM” Wikipedia page. Good job!


“ANTM” may have announced the winner, but the question remains, where is Angelea Preston?

Rating: 7.5/10

Did you watch last night’s finale?