Once again proving that the universe is essentially a meaningless, indifferent void bereft of reason or compassion, and that, in the end, all things lead to suffering, ryanseacrest.com (a.k.a., the seventh and final seal of the apocalypse) has loosed the final plague upon the Earth: the trailer for Jersey Shore Season 5.

That’s right, they’re back—the orange-skinned, gel-slicked, steroid-pumped, thunder-thighed beasts from some kind of Lovecraftian nightmare realm outside of time are set to return to MTV on January 5, 2012, and the trailer heralding their arrival is now available.  Full of love, passion, drama, pain, friendship, tears, and Snooki using her backyard as a toilet, the trailer features all the facets of the human condition.  Check it out:

Excited for January 5th to roll around now?  I know I am.

The season will feature the Jersey Shore’s crew of shaved apes returning to Jersey from Italy, and quickly returning to what they do best: sweating a lot, tanning a lot, wearing a lot of hair product, polluting the local atmosphere with Axe body spray, and, again, Snooki using her backyard as a toilet, an image that will forever be tattooed to the inside of my eyelids because I was simply too foolish not to look away.

What do you think of the Jersey Shore Season 5 trailer?

Source:  TV Line