Sometimes the myth gets busted, and sometimes myth busts you. The popular cable show Mythbusters was shooting a recent episode on Tuesday, December 6, 2011, when an accident occurred with a cannonball that went further than the shooting range the Mythbusters were using to test said cannonball. Authorities then became involved, according to MSNBC, but no one was injured.

The myth being tested is still under wraps, though at least one part of it is readily apparent. The Discovery Channel show offers a Jackass-esque warning that these tests should not be tried at home (or without a parent), and this is surely an example of the sort of stunts that shouldn’t be tried at home–because cannonball became embedded in someone’s home.

The Mythbusters crew knew something went wrong pretty quick because they tweeted about what they were doing that day. Star Grant Imahara wrote  “today we’re working with heavy artillery” on Twitter and sent out a picture, but once this became a legal matter those tweets were killed. As no one was injured this will probably wrap up with a settlement for damages, one that will surely come out of the show’s insurance budget. It all depends on how litigious the home owners want to get. But that’s not as interesting as being attacked by a cannonball.