American Airlines might want to think about hiring a new PR firm—after news broke over the past week that the airline’s parent company AMR would be filing for bankruptcy, along with the fact that they are being sued for a bad airline meal that allegedly killed a passenger, AA is in the news again, this time for kicking actor Alec Baldwin off of a Los Angeles to New York flight.

Apparently, the actor was removed from the flight “over using electronic devices prior to take off.”  You see, it’s something of a no-no to have electronic devices activated prior to take-off, but Baldwin couldn’t be bothered to turn off his iPad, on which he was playing a Scrabble-esque game “Words With Friends.”

Allegedly, “a flight attendant asked Baldwin to power down his iPad several times before deciding to remove him from the flight.”  However, Baldwin asserts that the plane was still at the gate, “appearing to suggest that he felt he should have still been able to use the device.”

Boxer Oscar De La Hoya was also on the flight, and noted that “I actually felt Alec Baldwin was turning off his devices and he just got a little angry.”

American Airlines has reached out to Baldwin, and is currently investigating the incident.

What do you think of Baldwin’s behavior?

Source:  USA Today