This week has offered a flurry of news on J.J. Abrams‘s Star Trek reboot sequel – tentatively titled Star Trek 2 – which is scheduled for release May 17, 2013. Though we’ve yet to see a replacement for the main villain since Benecio Del Toro dropped out on Monday, there are more things to relay about the cast and the villain.

Recently cast members John Cho and Anton Yelchin were interviewed by E Online, and both said they had no idea what was in the script and said they hadn’t read it. Whether that’s true or not is always up for question in situations like this, but with the first film (and J.J. Abrams’s) notorious heavy security, it’s just as likely they’re telling the truth. Alice Eve has joined the cast according to Variety, along with Peter Weller, but with Del Toro out as the villain, that will be the next big casting break.

Though it’s true that Abrams confirmed that Del Toro wouldn’t be playing Khan in the sequel to Drew McWeeny at Hitfix, what he didn’t confirm or deny was if Khan was the villain. And it seems that both Latino Review and Vulture have found evidence that the bad guy will be Khan after all.

What Star Trek nerds will tell you is that Khan Noonien Singh first interacted with Kirk and company in the original series, which then set up the movie The Wrath of Khan. With the altered timeline of the new films Kirk and Khan couldn’t have met yet (god, typing this making me feel +1 Nerdy). This seems a decision based on the idea that Khan is probably the best known single villain in the franchise, though there are already the Klingons and Romulans, etc., those were an offshoot of the politics of the era; Klingons were the stand-in Russians, though you could just as easily say they were the Native Americans to the Enterprise’s cowboys.

So if it is Khan, that leaves about three options. One is that they rework Space Seed (the original episode that Khan appeared in) for the feature film, they ret-con a relationship between Kirk (or someone else aboard the ship) and Khan to give it some punch, or they pretend that they had interactions between movies. Perhaps it’s just a famous name, and that’s it, though that character has a certain history in the franchise, so…

Worst case scenario is that Kirk and Khan went to high school together. “Kirk… you gave me… a wedgie.”

Does Khan as the villain excite you?