The mid-season finale of “Gossip Girl” kicked off with a breakfast toast at the Rhodes house. Now that Charlie has established herself as a true Rhodes girl, it’s time to introduce her to New York’s high society. But aside from debutant balls and whatnot, a lot happened in last night’s episode – Serena revisits her high school years; Nate deals with some family drama; and Dan considers telling Blair how he feels about her. But the most important storyline doesn’t involve Serena, Nate or Dan, but everyone’s favorite couple – Chuck and Blair. Finally, their fate is decided.

Let’s go over Monday’s ‘Riding In Town Cars With Boys.’

The Players:

Episode Title: “Riding In Town Cars With Boys

Lily hosts a bash so Charlie can make her formal debut in New York society, but Max puts Charlie’s upper-crust future in jeopardy. Elsewhere, Dan considers admitting his true feelings to Blair.

The Good:

  • Blair’s Conscience: Dorota is the loving Polish mother Blair never had. Their relationship makes us warm inside. The best moments between them are when Dorota acts as Blair’s conscience. Sometimes she knows what Blair wants more than Blair. She’s scary good.
  • Chair (Major SPOILERS!!!): The mid-season finale ended with a bang! Blair and Chuck reunited once again, and we couldn’t be happier. No one belongs together more than these two. Ever since Blair found out Louis is a scheming Prince, her feelings for him have changed. She’s been going back and forth between Louis and Chuck, and in last night’s episode her decision was finally made. Blair decided that she’d rather be happy with Chuck than be a princess with Louis. She shared an emotional scene with Chuck where he tells her that he’s going to love her baby as much as he loves her (cheesy, we know). Unfortunately their momentary bliss is brought to a halt (see below).
  • Like A Son: Another relationship we love… Lily and Chuck. We’ve said this before.
  • Best Line: Charlie to Nate: “If you deserve to be that person, be it and never look back.”

The So-So:

  • The Crash (SPOILERS!): Shortly after Chuck and Blair decide to be together, they crash straight into a brick wall. All we know about the car accident is that it was planned (possibly by Trip and Max – see below) and that Chuck isn’t looking too good. Do we support the car crash? It’s too early to say. Maybe this is the way the writers are getting rid of the Blair’s baby, and maybe this will allow her to move on with her life without any baggage, but who knows. It seems like there will still be some other major consequences.
  • Serena Remembers the Good Old Days (SPOILERS!): Serena took a walk down memory lane and reminded herself that Dan was definitely the best thing to ever happened to her. This triggered her to suddenly fall in love with Dan all over again. Serena grew green with envy when she discovered that Dan loves Blair and tried to stop him from confessing his love to Blair by helping out Dan’s enemy. Is Serena really this naive? Has she really not matured at all?
  • Charlie Is A Fake: Charlie admitted she’s a fake, to Rufus, and then ran away. Just like that. She worked so hard to get to the top of the social ladder and now she’s gone. She just gave it all up. Forgive us while we scratch out heads.

The Bad:

  • Unlikely Duo: Trip and Max formed an alliance of some kind. The details of their alliance weren’t revealed directly, but it seems like the two had something to do with the accident. The accident left a lot of questions, of course, but what really has us completely confused is how Trip and Max ever even formed an alliance. Why would Trip ever listen to a guy like Max? It’ll be a long time before any of our questions are answered.


Throughout the season, the big mystery has been, who will Blair pick? Who will she end up with? Last night, she chose. It was beautiful, seeing her and Chuck back together. Now that the show is on hiatus for the holidays, we get to wonder what their future holds.

Rating: 7.5/10

“Gossip Girl” returns January 16, 2012 at 8 p.m. on The CW.


What did you think of last night’s episode?