Melancholia, Lars von Trier’s latest cinematic trip into the dark recesses of the human soul, will apparently make you sick… at least, according to a Toronto movie theater, which posted warnings letting patrons know the film might give them motion sickness and/or nausea, causing them to vomit more than a movie theater hot dog.

Allegedly, at least six to seven people left Toronto’s Varsity Cinemas complaining of nausea after a showing of the film in March.  This has lead to Varsity Cinemas now posting warnings that “MELANCHOLIA MAY CAUSE MOTION SICKNESS DUE TO DEVICES USED TO FILM THE MOVIE Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause anyone. VARSITY MANAGEMENT.”

As for the “devices” used in the film?  Handheld cameras, which have been used in filmmaking since, well, ever.  However, von Trier often will use cinematic devices to put his audiences on edge, so it’s not hard to imagine the director taking a small measure of glee from this news.

As for the patrons who have apparently been given motion sickness by the handheld photography of the film, one has to wonder: did they think that attending a film in which Kirsten Dunst plays a woman suffering from debilitating depression while a giant planet comes to crush our own and end humanity was going to make them feel good?

Did Melancholia make you sick?

Source: The AV Club