Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s The Cabin in the Woods was the unfortunate victim of financing. Set up with MGM, the studio went through a rocky period, which left Woods and their Red Dawn remake distributor-less. Cabin was shot in 2009, but will finally see the light of day April 13, 2012. But if you don’t believe it will finally come out, there’s now proof as Lionsgate has put out a trailer.

The film was set to be released in 2010, but was supposedly delayed a year to be post-converted to 3-D. This doesn’t seem to be 3-D, so that must have been a cover story for the film’s troubled post-production. The trailer features Chris Hemsworth, but doesn’t offer anything from Richard Jenkins or Bradley Whitford.  Check out the trailer…

And the reason for that goes with the film’s marketing – there are a number of big reveals in the picture to what’s going on with the Cabin, though the trailer spells some of that out (and seems to show some material from the third act). This is Whedon and Goddard’s take on the slasher genre, and it’s done in a very post-modern way, a modern variation on Scream. But the trailer is selling that this starts out like any other horror film, and then becomes something different. How different? We’ll know for sure come April.

Can a good modern slasher film be made?