In the latest round of nonsense to emerge from the Fox News branch, it seems that Eric Boiling is annoyed that The Muppets uses Chris Cooper‘s Tex Richman – an oil tycoon who wants to destroy the Muppet’s studio – as a figure that is supposedly anti-capitalism. The discussion he had on Fox Business Network doesn’t seem to be particularly well sourced and the Conservatives represented on the show are basically anti-Muppet. Perhaps Boiling is gunning to be the villain in the sequel.

The main question this video raises is: did anyone involved see the movie? Perhaps this is just a talking point, and I guess that the film could be viewed as liberal. It is about a community coming together to save a historic landmark. The only interesting point is when the liberal in the discussion suggests that oilmen deserve to have bad names after the last couple of years. But hating on The Muppets… Really? Really?

Still, to follow this line of reasoning, should Fox News then also decry the Looney Tunes treatment of Yosemite Sam? He’s a prospector annoyed by a freeloading rabbit. He’s just a businessman, and men like him made the west what it is. What about Bambi? That film is obviously for gun control. And what about defending the banker Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life? Er….

Do you see a hidden agenda in The Muppets?