There are a lot of new movies to pick from this weekend, starting with Answers to Nothing, which features a somber Dane Cook. There’s also Ralph FiennesCoriolanus, which is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy. The film is garnering up some pretty good reactions from the critics, but here’s a heads up, if you want to watch this movie, you’ve got to act quick because it’s only in theaters for one-week (to qualify for the Oscars). There’s also a couple of foreign choices including the Japanese film Outrage and the Mexican-comedy Pastorela. Check out this week’s new theater releases.

Answers To Nothing

Comedian Dane Cook stars in Answers to Nothing, a dramatic thriller about a struggling marriage. Cook is joined by Elizabeth Mitchell, Julie Benz and Erik Palladino. Fans of Cook will be surprised to see him in a more serious light. Is Cook’s dramatic performance worth watching?

  • Regardless of one’s stance on Cook as a stand-up, when it comes to film he’s struggled to find a place for himself… But he’s actually very convincing as a callous, dissatisfied, dead-eyed jerk here, so much so that when the time comes for him to turn things around and earn back some kind of emotional investment, it proves impossible.” — Movie Line
  • Answers to Nothing may very well be the most horrifically depressing motion picture of the year.” Examiner

And the Tomatometer rating for Answers to Nothing is 11%.


Ralph Fiennes directs and stars in this adaptation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. This is the story of a banished hero of Rome who befriends a sworn enemy for revenge. Gerard Butler, Jessica Chastain and Brian Cox join Fiennes in this epic thriller. Let’s see what marvelous things the critics have to say about this film…

  • With great help from a fine cast plus production designer Ricky Eyres and cinematographer Barry Ackroyd, with whom he worked on The Hurt Locker, Fiennes produced a piece of Shakespeare with a cutting edge as sharp as it is bloody.” — Hollywood Reporter
  • Coriolanus is tough, compelling drama, a comprehensible Shakespeare adaptation that glories in the Bard’s language and ideas, even as it captures one of his most intriguingly troubled heroes. “ Huffington Post

And the Tomatometer rating for Coriolanus is 92%.


Filmmaker, comedian, TV host, and all-around awesome Japanese celebrity Takeshi Kitano directs and stars in Outrage. In 2010, the film competed for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, and now you can watch it here in the States. Check what the critics are saying…

  • “Kitano’s direction is, as expected, impeccable, and the film looks wonderful.  It may not be a sweeping, epic film, but it is something special, and I’m glad Kitano’s finally come home. ” – Twitch
  • “Kitano’s own editing is elaborate yet precise at the same time. Costume design achieves a matching effect with combinations of black, white, gray achieving an epitome of cool.” – Hollywood Reporter

Outrage has a fresh 77% on the Tomatometer.


In this Mexican comedy, a man who is use to playing the devil in his town’s traditional Nativity Play, runs into some trouble after he’s late for the audition. The film is directed by Emilio Portes.

  • Pastorela is a film that delights in a good gag, both of the visual and spoken variety, and manages the difficult task of balancing disparate visual elements and styles with seeming ease.”Twitch

There’s no Tomatometer rating for Pastorela yet.

Sleeping Beauty

Although Julia Leigh’s Sleeping Beauty shares its title with the popular Disney film, the two couldn’t be more different. In this film, Emily Browning stars as a young university student who performs a special type of erotic service as a pass time. Is this new version of Sleeping Beauty worth your time?

  • Sleeping Beauty is fascinating for a while; it’s meticulously designed, impeccably shot and Browning is mesmerizingly beautiful. But Leigh’s refusal to let us know at least a little about where she’s going with all this makes for an ultimately tedious and frustrating experience.” – Heavy
  • There are so many questions SLEEPING BEAUTY fails to answer… Filmmakers like [Julia] Leigh need to learn there is a fine line between ‘open to interpretation’ and ‘confusion.’” — Very Aware

The film has a 51% in the Tomatometer.

Also out in theaters is Steve McQueen‘s Shame (review), starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan.

What will you watch this weekend?