After the huge success of Taken, it appears that the early months of the year will promise at least one Liam Neeson action movie for another couple years. In 2011 it was Unknown. In 2012 it’s The Grey, which hits theaters January 27. The film had a teaser spot, and now it’s got a full trailer. Both end with Neeson about to box a wolf. Check it out…

Moviefone got it first, so there’s that, and the trailer is hosted by Neeson and Frank Grillo. The Grey looks to tap into something primative, an adventure story based around life or death consequences. This sort of subject matter seems like prison movies.People tend to love them when they’re good, but they only come around once every couple of years. The Edge was released in the 1990′s, and it’s hard to remember one since.

It’s probably because it’s hard not to live the film, and you need someone as talented and as crazy as Joe Carnahan to want to direct it. Carnahan understands that there’s not much digital trickery that can be done with this sort of film – at least it seems that way from the trailer. You need to see that there’s snow everywhere for a film like this to work. We’ll see if it does January 27.

Do you have a favorite Man Against Nature film?