Kevin Smith is an outspoken guy—between his Twitter account and his podcasting network (let alone his scatologically-inclined films), Smith isn’t afraid to publicly lash out at those he feels have wronged him, whether it’s Bruce Willis, an airline that won’t accommodate heavyset passengers, or just random folks who snipe at him on Twitter.  Despite that history of loquacious lashing, Smith raised a few eyebrows earlier this week when, upon learning that no one in his most recent film, the horror-drama-siege film Red State, was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.

Now, it’s easy to understand that a director would be passionate about his work, especially a guy like Smith, who purposefully shot Red State outside of the major studio system to create a truly independent film.  The problem is, though, that reviews of the film itself were mixed, suggesting the film might not the most awards-worthy flick in recent memory.  Smith, however, had different ideas on Twitter:

 How the f*** did the @SpiritAwards NOT nominate Michael Parks? Nor John Goodman? Nor Melissa Leo? F*** your idiotic organization. #FakeIndie

As you can see, Smith is a director who stands behind his actors.  However, this tweet comes off as an entitled, childish rant at best, and a desperate publicity stunt at worst.  Come on, Smith, you’re better—and far funnier—than this.

What do you think?

Source:  CinemaBlend