Andrew Stanton‘s John Carter has gone through a paradigm shift in its marketing. Earlier it was selling moody shoots that didn’t really tell the story of Taylor Kitsch‘s titular Carter, who is missing from Earth and thought dead. It gave a hint of his role as savior for Martians, with one played by Willem Dafoe. Now, (as they made obvious recently ) it’s an action movie. Check it out…

It’s hard to tell what to think of the movie considering what they’ve shown previously to what they’re showing now. Earlier clips focused on the moody Carter, the reluctant hero who doesn’t want violence, who doesn’t want to get in the middle of things. Now he’s shown as someone who’s cool with a little violence. That seems a better approach, especially if one of the main characters is a cute Martian dog. Brooding works for Batman a little, but few other pulp fiction heroes.

Still, Carter is a big question mark. It’s not fair to call the film troubled, but the film didn’t start out with great marketing, went though at least one round of reshoots, and has a very high budget. This is a risky picture for everyone involved, and if I were working on the picture, I’d be very, very nervous. March is a ways away, and they’ve got until 3/9/2012.

Does a little Led Zepplin get your blood pumping?