With John Carter‘s release date fast approaching, Disney is gearing up for the March 9 release of one of their most expensive films of 2012. And so far… they haven’t gotten much traction with their teasers and posters. The film is based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, and stars Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins. Yeah, they need to sell something to get people hooked. Here’s a teaser from the latest trailer, which finally starts selling the spectacle.

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Of course this is from Good Morning America, which is showing the highlights of the highlights. This is Andrew Stanton‘s first non-animated film. Stanton started out with Pixar, and directed films like Finding Nemo and Wall*E – he’s definitely talented.

With three months to go, they need to get audiences excited about this event picture if they hope to find an audience. There are very few second weekends for pictures that are as good if not better than their first, and this is a very expensive question mark right now. With a couple of good trailers and TV spots, they could get audiences hooked in, and this is Disney. But it’s still a big question mark.

Here’s the newest poster in full:

Are you excited for John Carter?