Most actors have a skeleton in their closet that their ashamed of. For some that may be a crime, others their sexual preference, but for most the problem with being a working actor is that sometimes you take things to work. Especially before you get Oscar nominated. and so Jesse Eisenberg is suing Lionsgate for releasing Camp Hell (a film in which he has a small role) as a film starring him.

To be fair, Eisenberg’s case makes sense. Often later DVD artwork will play up actors who became famous later on as a selling point, and may slightly misrepresent the movie by focusing on the “and” over the real stars. But here they’re suggesting Eisenberg is the lead, and was likely paid little money for the work. If they’re going to make him the star, why not get a star’s paycheck?

This doesn’t look like it’s the sort of film that’s damaging to his career if people watch it – in some ways Eisenberg’s lawsuit is better for the consumer than just his ego. And it doesn’t look like this way long delayed – likely it was something Eisenberg filmed around or before Zombieland.

But it is funny how many stars appeared in crap that didn’t do anything for them before they got noticed. Entertainment Weekly just ran a cover story about those embarrassments, and it’s a tradition long standing in Hollywood. Clint Eastwood got his start in films like Tarantula and Revenge of the Creature, George Clooney went from TV show to TV show while also doing films like Return of the Killer Tomatoes! And on and on.

What’s the most embarassing early screen role you can think of?