J.J. Abrams latest TV puzzle box Alcatraz  is going to start in January on Fox, so let’s see if Losties have forgiven the man. There’s a teaser that gives up the show’s initial premise: 324 men went lost one day, and Sam Neill seems to think they might be coming back, and hey, isn’t that Hurley, err, Jorge Garcia? It is! Check out the teaser.

This looks like another mystery show (a synopsis hints at time traveling), though there seems to be a little Prison Break in there as well. It’s hard to say what it is based on these brief snippets, though it plays in the Abrams style. Alcatraz ran into some snags a while back when it lost its showrunner Elizabeth Sarnoff – who was also one of the creators – over creative differences. There have also been reshoots for the last couple episodes.

It’s quite possible that they fixed some problems, and that they ran into some snags over the direction of the show, but losing the showrunner at a later date isn’t a promising sign for the series – especially in an era where hour long dramas are often cancelled after a couple of episodes. But often shows need a couple episodes to figure out what they are, so perhaps a little tinkering will give this life.

Have you made peace with the end of Lost?