Oh my.  Because Breaking Dawn Part 1 isn’t bad enough already, featuring as it does a tween fantasia in which a blank young girl finds happiness by abstaining from sex until marrying the much older and emotionally controlling vampire with goofy hair who loves her, the movie is now giving people seizures.

“At least two audience members in separate cities have gone into seizures during the movie’s climactic birth scene,” because, well, who wouldn’t pass out when a weird vampire baby pops out of Kristen Stewart?  I mean, the sentence alone makes me dizzy.

Actually, the birth scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1 is edited together with sequences of “flashing red, black, and white images that trigger photosensitive epilepsy.”  Thus far, at least two members of the audience in two separate cities (one in Utah, one in California) have had seizures during the scene.  Also interesting?  Both victims are men.

What does this mean?  Either they were simply freaked out by the monstrous vampire baby-thing being born, or they realized that they were actually grown men who had paid to see Breaking Dawn Part 1.  All that can be sure, though, is that these two guys are probably the greatest boyfriends in the whole world, having been dragged to a teenage vampire movie by their gals, only to suffer a seizure for their troubles.  Stiff upper lips, brave lads.

What do you think of the Breaking Dawn news?

Source: The AV Club