Because Black Friday is pretty much the worst day of the year to enter your car and go absolutely anywhere, buying things on the internet makes life much easier.  However, it could be that is taking things a little far, as they launched their post-Thanksgiving Black Friday sale on Monday… which is three days before Thanksgiving.  Um… ok.  Either way, they’re unloading a ton of films on DVD and Blu-ray for super cheap.

Seriously, they’re dropping the $120 Lord of the Rings Blu-ray box set to fifty bucks—I’m not even a Tolkien nerd and I found myself dressing like an elf today and muttering about Eisengard and my precious and how there is one box set to bind us all… It wasn’t healthy.  The amount of sales made me a little dizzy.

Regardless, Amazon’s move is yet another play by the online giant to make holiday shopping as easy as possible, and to keep customers out of the brick and mortar shops, even if it makes very little since to throw a post-Thanksgiving sale, well, pre-Thanksgiving.  So it may not make your local Best Buy very happy, but it might save you from a stampede at the mall (I’m not saying I once clothes-lined my own grandmother to get to a Godfather Blu-ray box set at the mall once, but… let’s just say I’ll miss you, Gam-Gam, but the audio quality on Part II is just insane!).

What do you think of Amazon’s pre-Thanksgiving Black Friday move?