After the success of The Lion King 3-D, Disney announced they were going to dimensionalize some of the older films, and first up is Beauty and the Beast, the 1991 Academy Award Best Picture nominee. It’s going to hit theaters January 13, 2012, with a Tangled short film attached, Tangled Ever After. Not a bad package. Check out the trailer…

Disney had already prepared a 3-D version of Beauty and the Beast for home video, but after The Lion King reissue made nearly $100 Million domestic, the possiblity that other titles could also make money like that was too tempting to pass up, and so here we are.
In the pre-home video days, Disney would reissue their classics every couple years, and so generations go to see classics like Dumbo, Bambi and Fantasia in the theaters. But with all those titles now readily available on home video, it took them until the post-conversion boom to see how these titles could be repackaged to young kids and parents who were happy to take their children to the theater to see the films they loved growing up. And though this could be called a naked money grab, it at least feels like part of Disney tradition.
What Disney film would most like to see reissued and post-converted?