Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, the holiday week is starting off with good news—cult comedy Arrested Development, unfortunately cancelled by Fox in 2006, is not only coming to the big screen (as we reported earlier this year), but is getting a much-delayed fourth season… and it will be streaming exclusively on Netflix.

It looks like the show is set to produce 10 more episodes prior to the release of the film, and the fact that Netflix nabbed the broadcast rights has got to be good for the ailing company, which has had something of a rocky year (thanks to an increasing series of poor business decisions).  Exclusively streaming brand new episodes of one of the most beloved TV comedies of the past decade isn’t exactly a bad move for the company at this point, no?

Variety reports that Netflix, which is moving into the official content production game, for anyone who might be trying to pitch networks and other providers on beleaguered productions that seem unloved by their current networks, entered into a bidding war with Showtime on the project.

And it turns out that Showtime lost that war, which means Showtime fans will have to stick with more terrible episodes of Dexter, while the rest of us catch Arrested Development on Netflix.

The only downside to all this news?  The fourth season of Arrested Development probably won’t air until 2013.  That’s over a year from now.  Sigh.  Let the countdown begin…
What do you think of the Arrested Development news?

Source:  The AV Club