Amanda Seyfried steps into the Jodie Foster/Ashley Judd role in Gone, which hits theaters 2012. In the film Seyfried plays a girl who survived a serial killer, and when she’s out late the killer comes back and mistakenly takes her sister. She’s got twelve hours to find her sister, but it’s also possible that it’s all in her head. Could it be her, or cast members Jennifer Carpenter, Wes Bentley or Sebastian Stan? Check out the trailer…

It’s been a while since a good serial killer movie had made an impression on the box office – perhaps it’s the popularity of CSI, and all those types of shows that deal with similar sorts of criminal behaviors in 42 minutes. So it’s quite possible that this will hit audiences who aren’t used to seeing a thriller theatrically.

Of course, this looks cheap, and the reason why these films have dwindled is because you need to have a great hook, and actors people want to see terrorized. Of late Amanda Seyfried was supposed to be the next big thing, but she’s never kicked into gear, and Mamma Mia! hit more because of the play and Meryl Streep than her. If this works for her, it could help.

What does the title Gone call to mind?