Oh dear. We’re going to be getting two competing Snow White pictures in 2012, in the summer there’s one starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron with a more grungy and battle-worn approach, but first there’s going to be Mirror Mirror in March. It’s fair to say both are going for completely different takes on the material – for the trailer for the Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer, Lily Collins film it seems they went a bit campy. Check it out…

The word that most comes to mind is tone-deaf. From the reference to Scarface, to most of the jokes this looks like a film Disney would have put out live action in the mid-90′s, were it not for the color design of its director Tarsem Singh. Perhaps this is meant to appeal to young children. Regardless, watching Armie Hammer suffer from puppy love looks to be an excruciating set piece, and Singh is known more for his brooding than his lightness of touch.


There is a line of thinking with comic book films that they’ve gotten too self-serious, and though that’s often true, the problem is that doing something light and frothy requires a real balance of tone and good, smart writing. This looks like a disaster, though perhaps everything will work better in context. That would be the hope at least.

Which Snow White looks fairest of them all?