Though Pixar has been making a number of sequels lately (and plan to make more), their next big film is an original adventure that goes full Disney by having a princess as its lead. Brave stars Kelly MacDonald as Princess Merida, a strong Scottish woman who is about to suffer an arranged marriage, but wants adventure for herself. Check out the trailer…

There have been a number of challenges in streamlining computer animation, and hair has long been one of biggest headaches, but here the animators seem to have embraced that challenge and this looks lush. As with most Pixar efforts, they haven’t gone crazy with the voice casting, though with the Scottish setting, it’s no surprise that Billy Connolly and Craig Ferguson provide their talents.

What is most notable is that this is the first Pixar film to star a female character. From Toy Story through to Up (their last non-sequel), their films have starred men with women in supporting roles – The Incredibles and Finding Nemo offer the strongest female characters. Perhaps this is a way to combine Pixar’s approach to material with the standard Disney model. We’ll know more for sure when the film comes to theaters June 22, 2012.

What’s your favorite Pixar femme?