Oh, for the love of… Sigh.  Because Hollywood feels it can make a movie out of any type of toy whatsoever—the Transformers franchise, the upcoming Battleship, Stretch Armstrong (yes, Stretch freaking Armstrong), Warner Bros. is making a movie about Legos.   I am going to repeat that last phrase, just to make sure it sinks in:  Warner Bros., which is a kajillion dollar corporation run by grown, legal adults who should know better, is producing a multi-million dollar film about Legos.

Yes, Legos, those plastic little blocks used to build forts and your mom shriek every time you slip one in your mouth when you’re five, are getting a movie.  That means that a team of several hundred people, spending millions of dollars, as well as weeks and weeks of time and manpower, will contribute to the more than 100 years old art form of cinema with a series of moving images that blur together to tell a story about blocks that can be stacked together to resemble the shapes of buildings, boats, and airplanes.  That is actually happening.

Robot Chicken director Chris McKay will be teaming up with the Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller to produce this thing, which will likely see a 2014 release, which means we have just over two years before the End of All Things.

What do you think of a Legos movie?

Source: The AV Club