Season two of The Walking Dead continues, with friction growing between our band of zombie plague survivors and Hershel, the increasingly controlling and secretive farm owner, as Lori struggles to keep her pregnancy a secret and Glenn makes a horrifying discovery about Hershel…

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The Players:

  • Director:  Guy Ferland
  • Writers:  David Leslie Johnson
  • Cast:  Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Laurie Holden


[Spoilers ahead!]

Things seem to go from bad to worse for the characters of The Walking Dead this week.  Rick and Shane began to butt heads over the search for Sophia, as Shane demands the search be called off, while Rick keeps pushing for dangerous searches of the woods.  Glenn confronts Lori about her pregnancy and is sworn to silence, while Maggie gives him the cold shoulder after sleeping with him last week.  Daryl steals one of Hershel’s horses to search for Sophia… and is then promptly bucked from the horse when it gets spooked by a snake, and he impales himself on one of his arrows, gravely wounding himself.  Hershel becomes increasingly annoyed with the survivors taking up space on his farm after discovering Daryl stole his horse, and finds the rest of the survivors using his kitchen to cook.  Meanwhile, Daryl begins to hallucinate about his brother Merle, who tells him the rest of the survivors will never accept him, and will eventually betray him.  Daryl finds the strength to make it back to camp… and is then promptly shot by Andrea, who thought he was a zombie.  As Hershel tends to the grazed but not mortally wounded Daryl, Glenn wanders into Hershel’s barn, only to find more than a dozen zombies are being kept inside.

The Good:

  • Hershel:  The character of Hershel has become increasingly fascinating over the course of season two, beginning as a kindly doctor who saves Carl and takes in the survivors, and then becoming a controlling, put-upon and angry man allowing the survivors to share his land, and then becoming a man who is obviously up to something weird and disturbing, owning as he does a barn full of captured zombies.  This is probably not going to end well, and has been adding up to a terrifically quiet and creepy character.

The Bad:

  • Sophia/ Lazy plotting:  As I said last week, the search for Sophia seems like nothing but a simple plot device, an element to give the survivors something to do, something for Rick and Shane to argue about and thereby illustrate their differing survival philosophies, and something to constantly put the survivors in danger (while the Daryl moments were great, the fact that they came from having him search for an anti-character who is simply a plot device was something of  a drag).  Seriously, we get it Walking Dead—Sophia’s going to come back in some kind of plot twist, let’s just get to it and get it over with, ok?


Sliding back a little into the lazy writing that marked the first few episodes of the season, “Chupacabra” features plot device after plot device inorganically wedged into the episode—the characters keep risking everything for a character that was never really much of a character to begin with, despite the fact that all evidence points to her death, and while this wasn’t nearly as pointless, silly, or, frankly, stupid as the “hey, let’s pull the zombie out of the well” plot from the last episode, it smacks of a writer’s room that is unsure as to where the season is going, and needs an episode or two to spin the wheels and buy themselves some time.  That said, Hershel and his secrets are quickly becoming the most fascinating part of The Walking Dead, and it looks like next week’s episode will explore his secrets even further.

Rating:  6.5/10

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.