Having directed the last four Harry Potter films, David Yates was looking for something large enough to sink his teeth into, and though he couldn’t quite fit into Steven King‘s The Stand, he’s now found his next project. A big screen adaption of Doctor Who. At least, according to Variety. He’s currently shopping for writers.

This would be the third time Doctor Who was brought to the big screen, as two movies were made in the mid-60′s with Peter Cushing, but they were of a modest size – nothing like what Yates would try to bring to this project. Doctor Who aired from 1963 through to 1989 in England, and made its way stateside for many to fall in love or be puzzles by such creations as the Tardis (the Doc’s time travelling device) and the Daleks.

But – perhaps more importantly – the franchise was rebooted successfully for television in 2005 and is still going strong. The show found a way to modernize its conceit and that version has had plenty of saturation in America, thanks to BBC America and easy home video access. Of course this would be a big screen version, so it’s hard to know how they will deal with the television show if it is still running. The impression from the story is that it would be its own adventure. As the franchise has passed through many leading men – there have been eleven Doctors – there’s no need to use the current iteration Matt Smith.

Exterminate! Exterminate? Do you want Doctor Who on the big screen?