When Journey to the Center of the Earth came out in 2008, it didn’t attract much attention, but ended up doing steady business, eventually making over $100 Million at the box office and even more internationally. So for the follow up Journey 2: The Mysterious Island almost everyone for the original was save Josh Hutcherson and now there’s a trailer for the film, which introduces new cast members Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Luis Guzman and Michael Caine. Check out the trailer…

Here’s what this trailer suggests: a prolonged set-up, and then a Jurassic Park riff. But the dinosaurs and giant bees look like a lot of fun, there’s a teenaged romance in the air, and good comic relief from Johnson. The question is: what kind of cheap will it look like, the good kind or the bad kind? The first film looked very sound stage-y, and this looks much better (perhaps because of the outdoor settings), and can be something charming about trying to look like the 1950′s and 1960′s films these are drawn from.
Credit is also due to the title, which makes it look like the film should have its theme song written by Prince. I would pay very good money to listen to that song. The film opens February 10, 2012.
If they can’t get Prince, do you think they could get Steve Perry?