Adam Sandler‘s Jack and Jill features twins named after the childhood rhyme. Puss in Boots features those characters from the childhood rhyme. Both are the most likely candidates for the top slot at the box office this weekend, with The Immortals and J. Edgar also hitting theaters. Last weekend saw Boots rebound from bad weather and hold the top spot against Tower Heist – perhaps it will make it a week three. Weak three could also describe the wide releases this weekend.

Adam Sandler is no stranger to being hated, but Jack and Jill is not getting much love and is currently at 0% on the Tomato-meter. Audiences don’t seem to care too much about critics when it comes to Sandler, but the marketers never got funny material out of the trailer, and everything seems labored. That means the film should open on the low end of the Sandler spectrum, with a $20 Million plus weekend, and likely a long play. It could do well over the holidays, all things, and Grown-Ups played shockingly long – which has a 10% Tomato rating.

300 seemed to come out of nowhere and exploded upon release. The Immortals is not that picture, even if it’s tried to be. It’s possible word of mouth could kick up, but it’s on the wrong end of the 3-D movement and that will hurt as much as anything. Anything being having no names, and not having the 300 marketing team. The big hope for the picture would be a stronger play in international territories, and I’ve heard the film has got scale. Perhaps the film will rebound if word of mouth is strong.

J. Edgar is not getting the sort of critical support that is necessary to become an Oscar front-runner. That’s what the picture needed to coast for the next four months if it were to pick up some statutes. And though the film may get seven nominations, the only one that it’s safe to bet on a win is the make-up. Of course the Academy loves Eastwood, but if the film opens to ten million and is dead a week later, it’s just going to get sympathy nods. Leonardo should be able to net a “Depp” Golden Globe nod, which may bolster his chances, and Armie Hammer’s people will likely work him for a nomination – both could and might happen. But if audiences don’t care, the nomination becomes the prize. The pat on the head. It’s doubtful this will have a groundswell.

Puss in Boots had a crazy non-drop last weekend, and though some steam should be out of it, it’s likely to still hold well. But next weekend enters Happy Feet 2, and it’s all over.

So let’s do this:

  1. Puss in Boots - $25 Million
  2. Jack and Jill – $21.7 Million
  3. The Immortals – $18.5 Million
  4. Tower Heist – $12.7 Million
  5. J. Edgar – $11.5 Million

The Immortals could go much higher, and so could Jack and Jill, but this is the weekend before Breaking Dawn. And that’s a $100 Million dollar plus three day.

What do you want to see this weekend?