Because his bestest buddy Brett Ratner decided to back out of producing the Oscars next year (for lobbing a an offense comment towards homosexuals, and then bragging about sex with Lindsay Lohan, and for making a ton of offensively bland films), now Eddie Murphy has also followed suit, joining his Tower Heist director in bowing out of next year’s ceremonies.

While the ousting of Brett Ratner was probably for the best, Murphy’s bow out probably isn’t exactly going to help his floundering image of “that guy who was really funny once,” nor is it going to be all that great for the audience—say what you will about Murphy these days, he’s got to be better than last year’s James Franco/ Anne Hathaway (“Isn’t the Academy just so young and hip?  Make sure and tune in, you guyzzz!”) debacle.

So now The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is back at square one, with no one producing the show, nor hosting it.  If I may make a humble suggestion, I’d toss in the director/ actor team of John Carpenter/ Kurt Russell into the running, if only because it would just be really badass, and Russell might wear an eyepatch and callously shoot someone Paris Hilton.   You know you’d tune in for that.

What do you think of Murphy’s move?

Source: The AV Club