So, that happened. With Brett Ratner‘s recent exodus at the Oscars, and Eddie Murphy quickly jetting as well, it was hard to know how fast it would be until someone was set up with the gig. And now we know it’s Brian Grazer who will be producing the award show to end all award shows, the 84th Academy awards.

Brian Grazer is probably best known for his spiky hair, and his Imagine production company, he and Ron Howard have teamed for nearly thirty years. Most recently, Grazer produced the Clint Eastwood film J. Edgar. Grazer has his own Oscar from producing A Beautiful Mind.

Grazer seems a natural choice as a respected member of the community, though every year people complain about how boring and silly the whole thing is. There’s really no winning with the event, and likely Grazer will be one of many who’ve tried and failed to re-engergize what amounts to the world’s most famous graduation ceremony.

Many names have been thrown out as alternatives to Murphy, though Grazer has suggested he would court Murphy to come back, which wouldn’t be that much of a stretch as the two have worked together numerous times, including The Nutty Professor and Murphy’s recent Tower Heist. There is already a campaign to get The Muppets to host. We shall see.

Who would you like to have host the Oscars?