Oh, no.  It appears that brilliant director Martin Scorsese, after directing the 3D film Hugo, is so enamored with 3D film technology that he is not only singing its praises, but pointing towards its future—stating that 3D will eventually lead to holograms (as in, the film actually taking place around you), and that holograms are the future of filmmaking.

“If everything moves along and there’s no major catastrophe, we’re headed toward holograms,” Scorsese told the audience at Hugo’s Los Angeles premiere, adding a little advice to directors:  “You have to think that way. Don’t let the fashion and the economics inhibit you.”

While 3D still sucks, the idea of hologram films could be pretty cool, but I’m not sure if Martin Scorsese is the guy I want to usher in that form of new entertainment technology—Scorsese is an amazing director, but do you want to sit in a room with Travis Bickle while he shaves his head and does pushups for an hour?  Or get your ribs shattered open as you and Joe Pesci get pummeled with baseball bats and buried alive in a shallow grave?  This may be the first time anyone would ever want to watch Madonna’s Swept Away—at least you’d be able to sit on a beach for a few hours.

What do you think of Scorsese’s ideas on film’s future?

Source: The AV Club