Jennifer Saunders has had much luck with the Absolutely Fabulous series. The show began airing in England in 1992 where it ran for three seasons, and then made its way over to America and achieved a second life after routine showings on Comedy Central. Then there was a TV special, then three more seasons almost ten years after it launched. Saunders isn’t done, as she’s now promising a movie, according to Deadline.

The show stars Joanna Lumley and Saunders as Patsy and Edina, two hard-living, hard-partying women that are just a little too old for their behavior. Edina’s character also a has a much more responsible but repressed daughter in Saffron (Julia Sawalha). And though Patsy and Edina seem modestly successful in their lives, they are very much screw-ups who constantly flounder in their adventures to be hip. Popular upon launch in England, Comedy Central (then fledgling) brought the show to America and quickly set up its camp potential.

The movie is set to have to the two leads stuck on a yacht with no cell phone reception, according to the reports. Currently Saunders is involved with a Spice Girls musical, and will begin work on the script shortly after finishing her current assignment. These characters have had legs for almost twenty years now, so it’s no surprise that she’s returning.

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